Dr.Fausto Miguel Lechuga Ortiz

Highly Surgeon Ophthalmologist Retina and Vitreous Specialty.


We are also preparing day by day, tirelessly seeking the best existing treatment alterantivas individualizing each patient management, in order to achieve the best visual results. It is not easy, but we segimos working and especially studying small town of this are the multiple conferences and courses that we attend each year, as well as the review, analysis and evaluation of the publications that we receive each month as we have for several years with multiple magazine subscriptions as:

Ophtalmology, Retina, Retina Cases & Brief Reports, Review of Ophthalmology, Retina Today, Retinal Physician, Eye Net, Ophthalmology Times, Retina Times, Revista Mexicana de Oftalmología, Eurotimes, Ocular Surgery News, y Visión Panamericana .... well as multiple magazines advertising and news in Ophthalmology.